Can I Build My Own Application with eyeson?

Introducing Our API

It is true, we offer a video conferencing API key as well. This means that you can build our application into yours to use eyeson whenever you want with one simple click. Moreover, you can keep your user data on your own platform. 

If you use our standard web UI with our API, we have summed up the most important features that will be available to you: 

Invite Guest IconInvite Guest

If you want to spontaneously invite a colleague or friend to your video conference just click on "Invite Guest" and a link as well as QR code is provided. Send it to the respective person and she/he can enter without any installation or sign-up. Easy, fast & effective.

Screen & File Sharing IconScreen & File Sharing

You can share your screen or files with your video conferencing participants in the video stream. Just drag&drop or click on the respective button and decide which content you want to show. The sharing can be ended by you or your video conferencing participants.

Recording IconRecording

Of course, you can also record the whole video call. Though, eyeson asks everybody automatically for their permission before the recording can be started. 

GIF IconVideo Reactions

This pretty funny feature can be used to show your delight, sadness, agreement, etc. It means that a gif from Giphy is shown for a few seconds instead of your own video. However, in case that it gets a little bit out of control, you can turn this feature off as well.

Live Streaming IconLive Streaming 

Stream your group video calls live on YouTube, Facebook, or other streaming providers. It's fast and easy: Simply copy and paste the streaming information from your streaming provider into the respective fields in your eyeson streaming pop-up and start the live stream!

Layout IconLayout Settings 

Decide who should be seen. Choose between auto and different custom layouts with which you can assign positions to participants. For all layouts, you also have the option to "fill empty spots automatically" and to "arrange users by voice activity". For more information, click on the link above.

Snapshots IconSnapshots 

One-click. One snapshot of the group video call. Fast and intuitive! 

Chat IconChat

During a meeting you can write messages to all your participants. Kindly note that the chat will not be saved after the meeting.

And more...

Other features available to you include: 


The eyeson API

The eyeson API is the foundation upon which all frameworks, UI components and libraries are built. Watch the following video to get an overview:


We've also created a beginners guide to walk you through the first steps of the implementation, and show you where to find all the information you need.

eyeson API Key Information

As you can see, our web solution is rich in functionality and has a lot to offer. You can try it out right now by signing up and getting your own API Key


Need more information?

Please visit our website. For general questions about our API service, please contact For questions regarding the implementation of the eyeson API, you can also create issues directly on our GitHub page.