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Invite Participants with the Guest Link

What Is the Guest Link and How Does It Work?

The invite guest option is for inviting people during a video call. Please do not mix up this feature with the permanent room link. If you would like to invite participants to your meetings in advance, please refer to this article.

With the invite guest option, you can invite people during your calls spontaneously. Also, with this feature, you can make your calls extra secure. 

When choosing this option, participants can be invited with a guest link or a QR code.

How to copy and share the guest link

You only have to click on Invite Guests. This button is provided on the left side of your meeting room.

eyeson invite guest GIF

Next step, choose between sharing the QR-Code or copying the link.

screenshot of invite guest pop-up

A link is provided which can be shared via your preferred communication tool. Important to know is that this link is only valid during the meeting you generate it from. It expires 2 minutes after the video call has ended. Therefore, it is only valid for one meeting - keep that in mind!

Tip: Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut <Shift> + i to copy the Guest Link directly from your meeting, without opening the invite guest dialogue.

For more information on eyeson's shortcuts, please see this article.

The host can remove guests any time or lock the active meeting, so nobody is able to use this link anymore.
Reminder: Please consider that the Guest Link & QR code are not available before the meeting (only during an active meeting!) when choosing between our different invitation options.

How to join as a guest

When the link is opened by the guest, they can quickly join the running meeting without login or signup. 
First, enter your name or change the automated guest name to a name of your preference. This name will be displayed in the meeting.
Then, click on Join.
screenshot of guest join page
For a detailed description of how to enter an eyeson meeting via an invitation link, see this article.


Need Support?

Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@eyeson.com!