How to navigate eyeson with your keyboard

Accessibility of eyeson

By following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), we have made our eyeson accounts and meetings fully accessible to everyone. It is now possible to navigate through your account and meetings using your keyboard or other technical tools like screen readers.

Keyboard navigation

This table shows the keys and descriptions of how to navigate with your keyboard:

Key Description
Tab Move forward to next focus point
Tab + Shift Move back to previous focus point
Space OR Enter Enter menu, activate a button or open a link

Arrow keys

Move to previous or next items in a dropdown menu


Cancel or leave


Keyboard Shortcuts

For our meetings, we also offer different Shortcuts to speed things up. Here is a list:




Close current dialog, menu, etc.

Control + comma

Toggle video

Control + dot

Toggle audio



If you are muted, push the m key for as long as you wish to speak. As soon as you release the m key, you will be muted again.

Shift + c

Open chat

Shift + g

Show Giphy channel

Shift + l

Show live stream dialog

Shift + s

Start screen sharing

Shift + f

Show file dialog

Shift + t

Toggle between dark and light mode

Shift + a

New Snapshot

Shift + i

Copy guest link

ArrowRight ⇨ OR Space

Next slide (during presentation)

ArrowLeft ⇦

Previous slide (during presentation)

? (Shift + ß)

Open help dialog

You will also find this list in your eyeson meetings when you open the dropdown menu and choose "Help". 

Kindly note: If you are using the eyeson API, some features might have been disabled and may not be available.

Additional shortcuts

There is one useful mouse shortcut for full screen view in case you would like to use it:

Double click inside your meeting to change to the full screen view and back again.

Kindly note that this mouse shortcut is only available for desktop users and not for mobile users.

Screen Reading Technology

Our eyeson developers added ARIA attributes (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) to our code to make our meetings fully accessible and to offer a seamless user experience. This means that all eyeson Features are now also available via screen reading and other accessibility tools. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or recommendations on how to further improve our accessibility, please don't hesitate to contact us at