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How to test your microphone, camera and internet before a meeting

Please use our eyeson Quick Test

You can test your audio and video with eyeson before joining a meeting to ensure everything is working properly.

The steps below walk you through this process: 

  • Visit https://app.eyeson.team/quicktest/
  • Click the Start Test button
    Start Quick Test
  • Choose the devices you want to check
    Choose devices to test
  • The page will display a window to test your speaker, microphone, Internet, and eyeson features. In the best-case scenario, when all your devices, the Internet, and features are working fine with this browser, you should see this picture:
Test results

Test Results: 

  • In case you are experiencing any issues with your audio/video, a message will be provided with troubleshooting tips. For example:

Example of Troubleshooting tips

Still can't find a solution?

Please send us your Quick Test results directly from the Quick Test page using the Support-Button, and we will get back to you. If you should need help as soon as possible, please feel free to additionally contact our support team