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Virtual Background

How to set a virtual background for eyeson meetings

With home office increasing since the corona crisis, we all know how difficult it sometimes is to find the right spot at home where you can have a video call without showing too much of your private rooms. Using a virtual backgound, you can make sure that your call stays strictly professional.


The feature is available for all participants of a video meeting, no matter if  host or guest.

The virtual background is supported by all desktop browsers on Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, and Linux.

Mobile devices (iPadOS, iOS, Android) do not support virtual backgrounds.


How to set a virtual background before the start of a meeting

  1. Start or join the meeting in your account's portal, or use the link provided by your meeting host.
  2. On the preview page before you really join the meeting, choose one of the available virtual backgrounds from the dropdown menu , or choose a custom image from your computer by clicking on the small picture symbol next to the dropdown menu.

    virtual background settings on preview page
    Here you can set your virtual background for the meeting (marked in red).
  3. Click on Join to start or join the meeting with your chosen settings.

    Good to know: By default, no virtual background is set for your video. If you already chose a virtual background for a meeting, eyeson will remember your choice for the next meeting.

    How to set or change a virtual background during a meeting

    The virtual background can also be set or changed during an ongoing meeting in the device settings.

    1. In your meeting, click on the "more options"-button (the three dots) in the left sidebar and choose Device Settings in the dropdown menu.
    2. In the pop-up, navigate to the Virtual Background heading and choose one of the available settings or click on the image symbol to choose a custom image from your computer.
    3. Click on Apply.

    virtual background settings during meeting

    Here you can set your virtual background for the meeting (marked in red).

    Available virtual background options:

    • Disabled: disables the virtual background
    • Gradient: sets the gradient background picture
    • Soft blur: sets a soft blur for your background
    • Strong blur: sets a strong blur for your background
    • Meeting room: sets the meeting room background picture
    • Custom image: choose your personalised background image from your computer by clicking ont the image icon

    Supported image formats

    The following image file formats  are supported in all browsers: .jpg, .png, and static .gif

    The support of other file formats depends on your browser.

    Security note: Your chosen image will only be stored in your browser's cache (and not uploaded to the server) where it will be saved until your browser's cache is cleared. Your image will thus not be available to anyone else by using it as a virtual background for eyeson.

    Technical notes

    We use TensorFlow Lite, an open-source platform for machine learning, and SIMD optimization (if the browser supports it), to keep the hardware requirements as low as possible.

    Need Support?

    Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@eyeson.com!