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ScreenCam Feature: Share your Screen instead of your Camera

How does the ScreenCam feature work and what are the use cases?

Our ScreenCam feature works similar to our screen-sharing feature with the only difference that you share your screen not in full-screen mode but rather instead of your own camera. This means that while you are sharing your screen, everyone else can still be visible in the video stream with their cameras. Additionally, other participants can also share their screens with the ScreenCam feature independently from your presentation, making it possible for several participants to share their screen at the same time and thus enabeling co-browsing.

The ScreenCam is supported on all desktop browsers (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Linux), but not on mobile devices (iPadOS, iOS, Android).

Step-by-Step Explanation

After you have opened your eyeson room, click on Share Screen or File in the left sidebar. This will open the presentation window where you have three options:

  • Share screen as full presentation
  • Share screen instead of own video
  • Share file

Presentation Pop-up GIF

Click on the "Share screen instead of own video" Share button. Now you can again decide between three options to share:

  • your entire screen
  • an application window
  • a certain browser tab
Screenshot of screen share pop-up

Decide which option you would like to use (and if you would like to share including audio) and click on the Share button. Now your screen, browser window, or browser tab will be presented to the other participants instead of your video. Like this:

Screenshot of Co-Browsing in eyesonIn this example you would be showing your potential customer your company's website, highlighting certain parts so it is easier for your potential customer to follow what you are saying and showing.


Please note: Depending on the currently used layout in the meeting, your ScreenCam presentation might not always show your entire screen. This especially applies to layouts with 2 or 6 people in the podium, because certain areas on the left and right side of your screen are cut (like your webcam view). In those cases, please make sure that what you want to show can actually be seen in your ScreenCam window by adjusting the size of your window (as shown in the picture above).

Use Cases

Sales and Customer Support

As shown in the screenshot above, the ScreenCam feature can be very helpful for Sales or Customer Support meetings, when you would like to show potential customers or already existing customers your screen and still be able to see their reactions to what you are showing them. Potentially, this feature may also be used for co-browsing, when both support specialist and customer activate the ScreenCam to compare their screens and actions to solve a specific issue.

Multiplayer Gaming

The ScreenCam feature is also a useful addition to multiplayer gaming. In this use case, the eyeson meeting would be open on another screen, or the game could be broadcast to streaming platforms for everyone to watch the game live – not only from one point of view but from every player's viewpoint!

If every player shares their screen instead of their own video, the first-person view of all players will be shown in one single video stream. Seeing exactly what your team mates are seeing, could make the difference between winning and losing. Or, of course, you could add this to your video gaming experience just for fun, to talk and share gaming experience with your friends while playing.

Screenshot of Screencam for Mulit-Player Gaming

Need Support?

Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@eyeson.com!