How secure is eyeson?

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We take both the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Especially when it comes to video calls with partners, clients, etc. we use industry standards to keep your data safe. 

eyeson is built on rock-solid encryption technologies. Meaning, all connections on our websites, services and apps are SSL/TLS encrypted (transport layer security) or in case of audio/video-streams protected by DTLS/SRTP (secure real-time protocol). 

For a detailed presentation which data is processed in which use case and where, please refer to our detailed data use case description describing the data handling from an eyeson page visitor and registered user perspective.

All user data and contents are hosted in high-secure European data centers and cloud services, certified for information security management systems and fulfilling the EU GDPR.

Beside this, optionally different cloud providers can be configured for the execution of eyeson video meetings. For that an additional fee is required. Please contact sales to request different cloud hosting providers for your license in locations inside or outside the EU e.g. A1 digital EXOSCALE, Amazon AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Google, Interoute. Please note that independent from which option you choose for the meeting execution itself (which applies only during the live meeting), all data generated during login/registration is always stored in Austrian / European servers. Per default with online self service always the european AWS zone is configured. Please reach out to us first before you start using eyeson if you want to use different cloud locations or providers for your meeting execution.

Live video meetings with video & audio streaming are processed and routed in the cloud server location of the license agreement. As eyeson saves bandwidth by using its unique single-stream technology, media streams are encrypted end-to-server-to-end. Whereas the server is a single instance for every meeting on its own, and as previously described, can be hosted on any common supported cloud provider on demand as outlined above.

The server-side meeting control interface is hosted in Austria / Europe, therefore all control actions like starting/stopping a recording, muting all participants, as well as chat message broadcasting happen there. In presentation mode, PDF documents and images shared are processed client-side only and are not uploaded to any cloud storage provider. Recordings and snapshots are stored always in Austria / Europe. 

Video meetings can be accessed either with a regular eyeson account or via a guest link using an anonymous or provided name. The video meeting cloud resources are initiated and used on the cloud location. During this time, clients are connected to the video meeting and are shut down as soon as we ensure everyone has disconnected and did not try to reconnect. The cloud server location is hosted under the terms and conditions of the cloud provider. 

When you live stream to Facebook & YouTube, you need to connect with your own Google or Facebook account to keep the transmitted data in your own hands and take care of your privacy on these 3rd party platforms. In addition, you can only use the live streaming features to 3rd party platforms responsible and do live streaming if all participants agree to do so. 

Our services use an eyeson centralized logging system, self-hosted error monitoring and on some services, we integrate a third-party error monitoring service Bugsnag to ensure a stable and fast platform. Reports contain timestamps and may also contain IP-addresses. These logging systems allow us to monitor the platform, further develop the services and early detect potential attacks on our services. 

Kindly note, the website may contain links to other sites. When following a link to another site, you should always read that site's Privacy Policy. eyeson is not responsible for the Privacy Policies and/or practices on other sites. 

For more information on how we process data, please visit:

eyeson Privacy Policy

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