How is my data processed with eyeson?

Description of how and where eyeson processes data outlined by use cases.


There are several ways you can use eyeson. Based on this decision, different scenarios apply regarding which data is processed and on which locations and 3rd party platforms data are stored. For complete transparency, this article provides examples of how and where eyeson processes data.

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The two different scenarios to use eyeson as shown in the picture above:

  1. Using the eyeson SaaS video conferencing platform with user registration and virtual meeting rooms.
  2. Building your own application, user database and ONLY using the eyeson API and Call UI as an integrated 3rd party core system.

All eyeson web services, databases, realtime connection infrastructure, the API and core services are hosted in Vienna / Austria. All connections are TLS encrypted.

So when you use eyeson, you can be sure that you are using a secure Austrian / European solution, and you have the option that all data processed during the usage of eyeson is stored in Austrian / European hosting centers and cloud providers.

eyeson is owned 100% by Austrian / European shareholders.

eyeson is also an online open available SaaS product for self-service. Different 3rd party systems are used for marketing, sales and support reasons.

The following sections describe the situations you need to know as basic knowledge before you start using eyeson to decide which options are the best for you to fulfill your data privacy requirements.

Using the eyeson SaaS video conferencing platform

User Registration

On eyeson you have the following options to sign up for a new user account:

  • Use your Google Account (OAUTH)
  • Register by using your email and password + activation mail to confirm

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The data set created during the sign-up procedure is stored in the eyeson database hosted in Austria / Europe. No 3rd party system is connected, and the data is processed by eyeson only if you use the email/password registration.

After user registration, there are two possibilities to continue:

  • The user has already been assigned a license by a license administrator, and the user is part of an eyeson host license list or domain license. In this case, the user is redirected directly after login to the main dashboard of eyeson and can start using eyeson.
  • If no license assignment is found after login, eyeson offers the start of eyeson FREE and shows license offers.

If you are part of a licensed corporate or licensed team already before you sign up, then the eyeson FREE onboarding part via HubSpot is bypassed and never shown or requested.

Self Service Purchases online

When you start a subscription directly online with self-service checkout - to process the payment, we will submit your email address to FastSpring, which is the official reseller of eyeson licenses.

Fastspring uses e.g. Stripe, PayPal or Credit Cards and other country-specific payment gateways for payments. eyeson is never storing any payment or credit card information.

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Direct Contact to eyeson Sales

Instead of directly purchasing licenses online, you can alternatively contact eyeson Sales and purchase licenses for corporates also directly from eyeson in direct contact. When you do so, you can contact eyeson directly via or fill a contact form.

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In both cases, you consent that your request is stored in HubSpot for further processing and communication with the eyeson marketing & sales team.

Delete eyeson User Account

The delete account feature triggers an email for verification. As soon as this mail is confirmed by the user, their data is deleted without the possibility of recovery.

Request account removal

Please note that any shared data (e.g. shared recordings or snapshots, chats, broadcasts or any other shared communication) stored during live communication on eyeson is not deleted from the history of other users you shared eyeson rooms with.

Please make sure that you delete your shared data manually in your history before you delete your user account. Shared data is only deleted automatically as soon as the last user connected with this data is deleted.

Also, broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook created during the usage of eyeson are not going to be deleted as it is stored in your corresponding YouTube or Facebook account where you have full control over your content via your log in to these platforms.

Analytics and Tracking

eyeson is a Saas Product that is constantly developed, updated, improved and optimized. For this reason, the eyeson product marketing, sales teams and development teams need insights into usage and user interactions to optimize the experience and product development to keep offering the best performing product always on top of the latest trends.


eyeson is using for the client side tracking, for usability optimization and analytics of user behavior. eyeson is using Matomo in an on-premise self-hosted installation with the server located in Austria. All tracking data is stored and processed by eyeson directly.

Inbound Marketing, Sales and Support Communication

On our websites, phone numbers and email addresses e.g.,, are shown or contact forms are provided to get in contact with eyeson Marketing, Sales and Support directly. All these inbound channels are connected to HubSpot.

Hubspot tracking, inbound channels and forms are used on our website for marketing, sales and support reasons, but Hubspot is completely excluded from the usage of the video conferences on eyeson when a user is logged in.

Important to note that when an eyeson user is logged in on eyeson or in a live video meeting: Hubspot tracking is NOT USED. Also, your video meeting guests opening a video meeting link or registered participants are not tracked on Hubspot.

eyeson separates via different domains so you can easily determine if client-side Hubspot tracking applies or not:

  • everything on is used for marketing, sales and customer success purposes and is connected to Hubspot client side tracking and multiple touching points (lead forms, website chat, inbound email addresses, blogs, ratings, help center..) to get in contact with eyeson directly.
  • Everything on is completely free of client-side Hubspot tracking - this is the platform where the video conferencing functionality is implemented. All video calls and content created by using eyeson is covered on Also the API is hosted on

Using the eyeson Help Center

The eyeson help center is created via HubSpot and maintained by the eyeson Customer Success Team. It provides a completely searchable online documentation of all eyeson features. It is organized to provide the best resources for eyeson users to learn about the usage and features of eyeson as a self-service platform.

eyeson's Help Center

When you browse the help center, your page views are tracked on HubSpot to help the eyeson Customer Success team provide the most efficient support.

By submitting a form on eyeson help center, we allow or page visitors of the help center to create support tickets so that our support team can follow up and get in contact with you.
Your data is stored in Hubspot for Customer Success, Support and Sales reasons to provide the best service to the visitor by the eyeson support team.

Submit a Contact Form

Also, the help center provides a support chat that is connected to the eyeson support team inbox on Hubspot.

Support chat available

Start a Meeting and Invite Guests

As soon as you are logged in on eyeson (= domain) and you are using your main dashboard you can create virtual meeting rooms, invite participants by a room link provided by eyeson for each room you create and start your video meetings.

eyeson rooms
With eyeson, we do not collect information about your contacts for any marketing, sales or support reasons. Only internal client logging is done in log files on our servers for technical maintenance reasons. Additionally, in your meeting history, the names of the participants are stored, and access is protected by the user's login.

We offer a simple link you can share with your contacts outside eyeson via your preferred communication application. The recipient of such a link can decide to join anonymously without any account or data input needed (Guest join or quick join option).

Also, the meeting instance itself which is allocated on the server to process the meeting is destroyed and deleted right after the meeting is over. eyeson provides users of the European Union to run its meetings in Austrian / European hosted infrastructures.

If this is required, you need to contact eyeson support & sales to configure your license so that all your meetings start in Austrian / European Cloud providers infrastructure.

As eyeson is a globally available service, by default, meetings in eyeson FREE or online purchased licenses start in AWS.

Optionally users outside the EU can also use different cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud or Alibaba Cloud. Important to mention, all user data processed on eyeson is hosted and stored in Austria / Europe, but the location for executing the temporary real-time processing and connections can optionally also be outside the EU.

Create Recordings and Snapshots of Audio, Video and Screen Contents

During a video meeting, users provide their audio, video and screen sharing data when enabling camera and microphone or sharing the screen. This content is transmitted encrypted in real-time connections when using eyeson.

eyeson allows users to create snapshots of the video and recordings. The data generated is always stored in Austrian / European hosting centers, no matter which cloud provider is used for the meeting instance, and can be deleted in the meeting history at any time. The data is protected by user authentication and only accessible when logged in to eyeson.

PDFs and Images shared/presented during a live meeting via the presentation feature or screen sharing are transmitted along the Audio-Video stream (encrypted DTLS/SRTP) and are NOT uploaded to any cloud storage. Of course - if the meeting is recorded - PDFs, screenshare and Images are part of the recording.

Video Conference Chat and eyeson Room Messages

eyeson provides a conference room chat, which is only available during the meeting as long as the video conference is up and running.

This chat is hosted on the same server as the running video conference itself and is open to all participants of a meeting. Everybody in the meeting can see the chat messages of all other participants.

As soon as the meeting is shut down, the complete video conference chat is deleted and not stored.

Additionally, eyeson provides room messaging, which is asynchronous and stored in the database in Austria/EU in the eyeson database only. This messaging is only available between room owner and room members outside the live call when logged in on eyeson available only in the rooms detail view.

Using 3rd party systems in connection with eyeson

When you e.g. live stream your video meeting on YouTube or Facebook it is your own responsibility to decide if you do want to provide the live content on these platforms or not.

eyeson never transmits any data without your permission, and you need to have a valid and verified user account on the 3rd party platform.

When the live session is done you need to use e.g. your own YouTube or Facebook account to manage the data you provided.

Live streaming to Youtube

Build your own application - using the eyeson API

Keep your user data on your platform and let eyeson do only the live video part. The eyeson API provides the possibility to use only the live part of eyeson with minimal user data needed. You can e.g. use your existing user base, and scheduling features, and start eyeson only on demand when needed.

Then eyeson acts like a white-labeled platform. You only give the name and avatar to the API in order to display the users in the eyeson user interface and keep all your data e.g. like users' email addresses in your platform. The eyeson core service does not need any of your users' data.

Also, your users never get in touch with the eyeson tracking tools for Marketing, Sales and Support as you run all the registration and invitation processes in your own platform implementation.

The registered user creating an API key is stored in Hubspot with name and e-mail address for support and sales reasons.

When using the API and default UI, only eyeson internal client logging is done in log files on eyeson servers in Austria / EU for technical maintenance reasons. And you build your own business and pricing model on top of it - we only charge what you really use via your API key.

eyeson video meeting

Need Support?

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!