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My Video is Not Working

What you can check if you are in a meeting and your camera does not work

Please use our Quick Test if you have a problem with your camera while using eyeson. Often, the Quick Test already gives you hints about the source of the problem.

When you are already in a meeting, you can find the Quick Test if you go to More options and then choose Help or Device Settings in the left sidebar.

Meeting Schnelltest finden (EN)

Please also check the following things:

  1. Camera muted?
    Ensure your camera is turned on. If your camera icon looks like the image below, your camera is turned off. To turn it on, simply click on the icon.
    Kindly note: If 9 people are already visible in the video stream, your video will not be shown even if your camera is turned on. With eyeson, a maximum of 9 videos are displayed on the screen using the automatic layout. As soon as one of the 9 persons deactivates their camera, the next person with an activated camera automatically takes their place.
  2. Correct device selected? 
    Did you select the right device for your meeting and/or the Quick Test? In your meeting, go to Device Settings to check or change your camera settings.
    Meeting left sidebar - device settings EN)
  3. Device currently in use?
    Are other programmes currently using your camera? If this is the case, this might be the reason why eyeson is not able to detect your device.
  4. Device connected and activated?
    Check the connection or on/off-button of your webcam. If you are using a virtual camera, verify that you activated it. 
  5. Try another browser or an update
    Sometimes the browser might be the problem. Try using another browser or update your current browser if you are not using the most recent version. Here you can verify which browsers are supported by eyeson.
  6. Try another device
    If nothing else helps solving your problem, try another device. A different webcam or the same camera on another computer/laptop might work. 

Need Support?

Should you have any questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact support@eyeson.com!