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YouTube Live Streaming Setup and Troubleshooting

A Collection of Known Experiences and How to Handle

Since eyeson operates solely as an integration for YouTube, we, unfortunately, cannot facilitate the whole streaming process. Therefore, minor problems might occur. However, don't worry - everything is feasible. Here we present a collection of known experiences:

Your YouTube Account Is Not Activated for Live Streaming

In this case, you receive the following message:


This error message occurs if you have not allowed live streaming in your Youtube account. Just allow it and here you go 😉. 

If your Youtube is still not working, please contact Youtube. From there on, we are unfortunately powerless.

Your Live Stream Is Currently Blocked by Another Session

There are at least two reasons why this can happen:

  • You stopped your live stream in eyeson room and started it again too quickly 
  • You have another source (outside eyeson) active which is blocking your YouTube live streaming environment

If you only use it with eyeson this issue can be fixed by just waiting until the YouTube live stream environment is available again. This can take up to one minute - just be patient with Youtube. 

If another live stream is active within your YouTube account, you have to close it.
After that, wait some moments until the Youtube environment is ready again. Retry!

Slack - Youtube Player Is Not Embedded in the Room Thread

Your YouTube account needs to have the embedding option activated. This is only allowed by YouTube if you have an AdSense account.

You can use the eyeson room YouTube live streaming feature anyway. eyeson room provides the YouTube link when your live streaming is set up correctly so that you can share it manually if embedding is not possible with your account.

Youtube Live Streaming Help Links

Find a detailed introduction to live streaming here.

Need Support?

Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@eyeson.com!