What is the eyeson API?

The eyeson API is for developers who want to implement their own business logic and processes and use only the live meeting part of eyeson.

It works like that: You need to implement your own user accounts when using the API. The live part of eyeson needs only avatar and name to be displayed in the UI. All data and management and organization of data is your own implementation and eyeson does not provide support with that. If you need docs, coding examples and so on, then follow this link.

Note, the eyeson API can only be accessed via an API key and it is a usage based model. In order to create and manage an API Key you need to signup on eyeson first to start with an API key implementation directly from eyeson account. Check how to get your own API Key. The pricing for eyeson API differs from a simple eyeson license. 

For developer questions regarding the API, you can also create issues directly on our GitHub.


Want to know more? Check out our tutorial to see how easy it is to implement eyeson into your own solution, and where to find the information you need.