API Pricing Model

No matter if 2 or 5 people join the video call, we only charge the actual meeting time.

eyeson's API pricing is based on the minutes per instance you use the service with your API key. Every minute of a running meeting instance counts. If you start multiple instances in parallel the minutes of every instance are added.

When you add eyeson as an add-on to your product, we charge the real usage of eyeson (as soon as it's operational) and you can build your own business on top of it. The cost is per minute video meeting, independent from the number of participants. Only the used minutes of all instances count.

How Is the Expiration Timeout Handled?

When you start an eyeson instance with the API key, the service is immediately started in the cloud. If nobody connects to the running service it is automatically stopped after 2 minutes. These minutes are charged as well.

Another use case is the "normal" operation: You start a meeting, your clients join and after the meeting when the last client leaves the meeting, the service is automatically shut down after 2 minutes. These minutes are also charged.

In short: So you are charged for at least 2 minutes for every instance you start, no matter if you access it or not.

api pricing

*Free API key for testing and evaluating / fair use

There is a minimum monthly fee for each model exceeding 1000 free minutes, which can be used per month (e.g. 4000 minutes included in the small package for $ 89/month). Extra minutes exceeding the monthly included minutes are charged additionally with overage price at the end of each month.

Unused minutes cannot be transferred to the next month (reset every month). Models can also be upgraded any time if the chosen package is too small.

Need more information?

Please visit our developers siteFor developer questions regarding the API, you can also create issues directly on our GitHub.