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Where can I change the general settings?

The general settings for the meeting room are in the room options

  1. Go to the Object Record page where the Eyeson components are linked.
  2. Click on Edit page.
  3. Click on the Events List.
  4. The sidebar on the right will show the Room Options.
  5. Make sure that the Options are well formed. (example below)

SFDC General Settings

{  "show_names": true,
  "show_label": true,
  "exit_url": "https://eyeson-dev-ed.develop.my.salesforce-sites.com/apex/ThankYou",
  "recording_available": true,
  "broadcast_available": false,
  "reaction_available": false,
  "layout_available": true,
  "guest_token_available": true,
  "lock_available": false,
  "kick_available": true,
  "sfu_mode": "ptp",
  "widescreen": true,
  "audio_insert": "audio_only",
  "audio_insert_position": { "x": 123, "y": 222 },
  "custom_fields": {
    "locale": "en",
    "logo": "https://www.eyeson.com/hubfs/eyeson_logo_black.svg",
    "hide_chat": false,
    "virtual_background": false,
    "virtual_background_allow_guest": false,
    "hide_screenshare": true   }

For more details on the options please visit the API documentation.