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What is Eyeson for Salesforce?

Eyeson for Salesforce is a Salesforce App supporting companies with communication and compliance processes inside Salesforce.

Eyeson for Salesforce is a Salesforce App from the Salesforce App Exchange.

Its main benefits are 

  • Streamlined workflows - Guide customers through key interactions like verification, onboarding and support
  • Sync meeting data - Auto sync transcripts, recordings, notes to relevant Salesforce records
  • Enterprise level sharing of documents - Share pre approved documents, saved within Salesforce, without the dangers of desktop sharing
  • Remote identity verification - Visually validate IDs and perform identity checks during video meetings
  • Compliant recording - Securely record sensitive customer conversations within Salesforce 
  • Zero-download meetings - Customers simply click a link to join a video session 
  • Usage analytics - Gain insights into engagement with analytics and history
  • Custom workflows - Tailor workflows and branding to your business needs

Eyeson for Salesforce is available on the Salesforce AppExchange