What is eyeson?

Build Individual Video Solutions in Minutes

eyeson is a video cloud MCU+ online service for building individual live video communication solutions. It is built for developers and platform providers to add live video, voice & data to projects with use cases in many industries. eyeson provides the cloud API, default UI, mobile SDKs, web client libraries and also the cloud agnostic scalable infrastructure for the system operation with different regional options.

The eyeson integration & technology partner network connects different industries, platform providers, development companies and developers to create innovative solutions for business digitalization with live video as part of the main business value creating processes.


The specific patented disruptive video cloud MCU+ technologies of eyeson allow businesses to create new creative approaches for the digitalization of value creating workflows, which other well known video conferencing platforms do not provide. This allows the industries who add unique value and integrate eyeson into their platforms to:

  • Differentiate from mainstream videoconferencing by innovative new solutions
  • Process the data during video calls
  • Visualize the value creating data inside the video
  • Automate and process data server to server
  • Reduce the client complexity tremendously


eyeson provides the cloud MCU+ video technology and core platform including the API, all web client libraries, SDKs and cloud configuration for different scalability and operation as a PaaS and scalable infrastructure provider. eyeson develops the video technology for cloud MCU+ and provides all platform updates and new features. eyeson maintains the latest coding examples, documentation and developer support.


Need Support?

Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@eyeson.com!