Use ngrok to stream from anywhere with eyson ghostbuster RTMP

Getting an RTMP stream from anywhere in the world into an eyeson meeting

Besides port forwarding or other ways to reach a computer inside an otherwise closed network, ngrok is a secure way to get access.

Install ngrok on the computer you want to run eyeson ghostbuster RTMP.

ngrok provides an installation guide on their download page. You have to sign up for a free account to activate ngrok correctly on your computer.

Check if ngrok is installed correctly

In eyeson ghostbuster RTMP click the settings icon nw_yEBt0nGB27 in the upper right corner.

Check the box "Enable ngrok".

Click on "browse" and choose ngrok.exe on your drive.


Tip: if you are expecting frame drops when streaming with an offsite device, increase the buffer time to a max of 300 ms

Now click "IP addresses & connection test" to test the network connection.