Overview Developer Portal

Upgrade to a higher plan, revoke your API key and check your account statistics at any time

You can always log in to your personal API Portal using this link: https://developers.eyeson.team/

You can also register here to create your own API project.

The Developer's Portal allows you to do different actions with your API key, including finding the right documentation, regenerating/revoking the key, upgrading/downgrading your subscription plan, and viewing information ranging from overall usage to live in-meeting data. Let's describe more some of the actions.

Regenerate or revoke an API key

You can regenerate or delete your key at any time in your Developer's Portal:

Revoke or delete your API key


With your API key, you get free 1000 minutes for the testing and evaluation phase. At the same time, you can immediately upgrade to a higher plan, or request a customized offer directly from your Portal. 

Upgrade or downgrade your API package

Project Dashboard

The Dashboard provides graphs for quick statistics on meetings, minutes, recordings, and snapshots. All the information can be exported to CSV Reports based on every month's statistics. This data can be used to see how many meeting minutes are left for the current period, analyze issues that may have occurred, as well as display past meetings held via your API key.

API Dashboard

Additionally, you can see recent News & Updates from our Tech Team regarding the latest eyeson releases. For more information on what's going on with eyeson, and about our newest features and changes, please visit the following Article:

The latest eyeson Product Updates and Bugfixes


To access our documentation, coding examples, libraries and developer's blog, please visit our website and scroll down or choose "Your API Project" in the left drop-out menu in your Developer's Portal.

API developer support

For technical questions regarding your API Project, you can also create issues directly on our GitHub page.