Cancel, pause, or change a subscription

Manage your subscription directly from your Fastspring account.

When you purchase an eyeson License Key or activate a monthly/yearly subscription directly from the account's portal, you should receive an email from our third-party billing provider - FastSpring. If you do not have this, please be sure to check your spam folder. 

This email always has a button "Manage Your Orders", which takes you directly to your FastSpring account.

Manage your orders in Fastpring

On the page that appears, you have to type in the email address you are using for eyeson.

Enter the email address associated with the account.

Now come back to your inbox and check for the new email from FastSpring. 

Example of email received from FastSpring.

Click on the button which is highlighted above and change your subscription status. 

Kindly note:

  • Most subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel them.
  • If you cancel, you can keep using the subscription until the next billing date.

Need more support with your license status?

Please, contact!