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Problems with Apple devices

How to revitalize the video stream and sound of your eyeson meeting on an Apple device

If you are currently in an eyeson meeting on your Apple device and your video suddenly turns black or you don't hear the other participants anymore, use the "Band aid"-Button to make everything work again. It only takes two simple steps:

  1. Click on the Band aid-Button in the meeting's menu bar OR click on the black videostream.
  2. In the opening pop-up, click on Revitalize to repair everything and continue with your meeting.


Attention: If the whole meeting including the user interface is frozen, please reload the meeting page in your browser to continue with your meeting.

Good to know: This issue only occurs on Apple devices beginning with the version iOS/MacOS 15.

The problem appears in the following situation: An incoming call makes your video go black

With the iOS/MacOS 15 version on your device, it may occur that incoming calls disturb your meetings, resulting in a black video stream and/or no sound in your eyeson video meeting. If this happens, simply use the "band aid"-button (as described above). This should fix your problem. Alternatively, you can also tap on the black videostream to revitalize it.

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