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I Can't Find the Right Answer in the Help Center

What should I do?

Are you facing a tricky issue and can't find any information in our help center? No worries, we are here to help!

  1. Our support bubble- In the lower right corner of your window is the following icon:

Simply click on it and start your conversation with our support team. Click on New Conversation and describe your issue. 

2. Our support mail- In case you are in another time zone than CET, we recommend writing an e-mail. Our support e-mail is: support@eyeson.com.

General Information

The eyeson team typically replies within 24h during weekdays. In general, our working hours are:

Monday 8am - 4pm
Tuesday 8am - 4pm
Wednesday 8am - 4pm
Thursday 8am - 4pm
Friday 8 am - 2pm 

Please note: the eyeson team is located in Graz, Austria (CET)

When contacting support, please make sure you are describing the issue or question in detail to ensure a quick turn-around. Also, screenshots and videos are always appreciated!

We look forward to helping you!