Talkdesk AppConnect | eyeson Integration

Contact centers can combine eyeson’s audio and video communications with the power of Talkdesk, allowing you to make video meetings from a single channel throughout your organization.

Enabling eyeson for Talkdesk

You are only a few steps away from adding eyeson video meetings to your Talkdesk account. Follow the instructions below to learn how: 

  1. Visit Talkdesk AppConnect, search for eyeson and click on the app.

    eyeson on Talkdesk AppConnect GIF
  2. Click install. Here you will be prompted to log into your account using your company's subdomain.

    How to install eyeson GIF
  3. When the installation is complete, you can find eyeson under the My Apps tab.

    eyeson in MyApps GIF
  4. Click on the app to start a video meeting. When you use eyeson for the first time, you will be prompted to allow access to your microphone & camera on your browser. Tap on Allow.

    Start eyeson video meeting GIF
  5. After you’ve adjusted your device settings, you can instantly start a video meeting. Once in the meeting, on the left side of your screen, click Invite guest to invite guests to your call. As a result, a window will open where a link is provided. You can send this link to your customers via your preferred scheduling tool. This link is only valid during the current meeting and will expire after the meeting has ended.

Join eyeson video meeting GIF

Integration FAQ

Do you need an eyeson account for this integration? No, once the eyeson app is installed, you can start high-quality video conferences right away from your Talkdesk account. 

What is the pricing for this integration? eyeson is booked via AppConnect prices. For more information on this, please visit Plans & Pricing.

Do guests need an account to join eyeson, and does personal information need to be shared? No, your customers are not prompted to share personal data and do not need an account to access eyeson. They simply need to click on the link you share, and then the video meeting will be started automatically. No installations or downloads are required, as eyeson is 100% browser-based. 

Is eyeson HIPAA compliant? eyeson is not HIPAA certified or subjected to HIPAA compliance. However, HIPAA compliant resources like AWS are used.

Is eyeson GDPR compliant? Yes, eyeson has made GDPR a priority and has devoted significant resources to comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act (DPA). This post outlines eyeson's approach and progress to date.

What video conferencing features are included with this integration? 

    • Screencasting: Use screencasting to easily identify your customer’s issues and/or share your screen in fullscreen or ScreenCam mode to easily guide them through troubleshooting.
    • Co-browsing: Use the ScreenCam feature to share your screen instead of your own video. This way, both you and your customer can share your screens parallely for easier guidance and improved support.
    • Presenting files: Show significant documents to your team or customers to make your point.
    • Broadcasting: Activate live streaming with the possibility to use different streaming providers.
    • Snapshots: Take snapshots of your video meeting with one simple click. 
    • Chat: Text chat on desktop meetings
    • GIF Reactions: React with a GIF to your video call participants.
    • Layout: You can easily change your layout settings with eyeson. You can decide for auto, single, two & four.
    • End a Meeting: As the host or co-host, you can decide if you want to leave an active meeting and let others stay on the line, or terminate the meeting for all participants.