Our Core Technology: Single-Stream Technology (SST)

eyeson has a unique core technology called Single Stream Technology (SST).
This allows you to have a bunch of great advantages:

  • The bandwidth stays always the same regardless of the number of participants (1.5 Mbits up / download per client). Don't believe us? 😉 Watch a short video. 
  • Recording includes all sources in one video and can be replayed directly after the live event.
  • „Unified broadcasting“ – All participants see the same video and slides.
  • Video quality stays ALWAYS HD.
  • Meetings can be directed by a moderator.
  • All connections are encrypted.
  • Real-time broadcasting independent on number of participants.
  • Facebook and Youtube Live Streaming is available. 

What Others Do

If you compare eyeson with other video communication providers, you will find some differences:

  • The required bandwidth depends on meeting participants (4.5 Mbits up / download per client).
  • Separate recordings for all participants locally. To see all participants in one video, it needs to be cut and uploaded separately.
  • Replays with more than one active speaker is only possible after editing.
  • Video quality decreases with an increasing number of participants.
  • Moderating and directing is not possible.

Taking out the Best for You from Both Models

So why not combining both models? eyeson found a very cool solution. While the advantages of Single Stream Technology work best for you in group video calls with more than 2 participants, simple video calls with 2 people work better when they are connected directly.

That's why eyeson automatically switches between MCU mode and SFU mode depending on the number of participants connected. It's genius! 😉

Additionally, all the great advantages of cloud service processing apply as well as to the simple calls between 2 people in SFU mode. In parallel, an transcoded video is processed during your call which can be server side recorded or broadcastet via YouTube or Facebook.

Watch a Short Video - See Eyeson SST in Action

We hope everything is clear so far! 😊

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