Another helpful feature is locking a meeting once it has started as an additional security measure, just like you would lock your front door once everyone is in the house at night.

Once the meeting has started, you can select the more options button on the bottom left of your screen and choose ‘lock meeting'. This will give you the option to lock the meeting, which will prevent additional participants (including room members) from joining.

Note, all members of the room have access to this functionality. Guests do not.

For private meetings, this could be done once everyone has entered the meeting, and for more public virtual events, it could be done 10 minutes after the event has begun, for example. Think of it like a theater in which late entries will not be permitted once the show has started.

Kindly note, once you lock an active meeting it cannot be unlocked. In addition, the Quick Join feature is disabled during this mode. That is why, before locking the meeting, make sure that all desired participants are connected.

If any guest attempts to join your session, they'll see the following message:

If you want to start a new meeting in the same room right after the previous one, do not forget to use the button “End for all” when you leave it. If you do not do so, the room will remain locked for two minutes after the last participant leaves the meeting.

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