If you want to start a call from your mobile app, it is very easy: just open the eyeson app, if you have one and start a call from the preferred room. :)

If someone invites you to a video call, you'll get a message, mail etc. with a link attached. Click on this link. After that you'll get redirected to the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) if you haven't installed the eyeson app so far. 

Download the eyeson team app. Open the app.

FYI - the Android welcome screen is on the left side whereas the iOS welcome screen is on the right side.

Then, sign in with Google (Currently, we recommend to use Google account and not Facebook for log in). Note: you have to use the same log in data (Google, email) for the app and the web. Just if you use the same one, you can use shared rooms on the web and on your mobile phone.
After that you'll automatically get redirected to the room you were invited. Here you can chat with your team members or start video calls. On a picture below you can see how the room in the IOS looks like. 

Once, you've clicked on the room link and you've entered the video call, the room is part of your room list (this applies to people who have eyeson licence). This means, that you can enter it at any time. 

If you do not have licence, then you can always answer a call from your phone browser! No need to download an app. :)

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