The recordings are available through the meeting history but only for the host and room members. If there are several hosts in the room, they all have access to the room’s history. Sharing the recordings with guests can be arranged only through other tools - through our Dropbox integration for example, which lets you store recordings externally.

IMPORTANT! Due to the Dropbox API Policy changes, recordings that far larger than file length of 30 minutes or 500 MB currently may not appear in Dropbox automatically. Please, download them manually from the room history and upload to Dropbox.

All our recordings are automatically saved in .webm format. You can always play this file in your Chrome browser. Just pull in the file there ;) 

The WebM Video file format also is supported by Windows Media Player (so long as DirectShow Filters are installed, too), MPlayer, KMPlayer, VLC Media Player and Miro. If you're on a Mac, you can use most of the same programs supported by Windows to play the WeBM file, as well as the free Elmedia Player. 

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