The difference between meetings and webinars is a completely different layout and setup.

The meeting mode is focused on easy and quick participation with only the click on a link. Meetings are organized through team rooms for individual groups of people.

The meeting rooms can be used for as long as you need them - also for weekly update meetings and there is no limit to the number of rooms you create.

The meeting link is actually a "room link" - it stays the same (which avoids meeting-IDs to be keyed in) and is the same for every participant.

The host is able to customize the room, invite guests, create and delete rooms - otherwise everyone in the room is able to participate actively, share a screen or a document, etc.

The webinar mode clearly distinguishes between the presenter (host) and viewers, which are muted and with disabled cameras. In this mode we use two links for participation - one for presenter (and co-presenters) and one for viewers.

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