After you have opened your eyeson room, click on Share screen or file. This button is positioned as the third last icon on your bottom left of your window. Now, you can decide between Share screen or Share PDF or image

Click on Share PDF or image. As a next step, you can upload your favoured PDF or image through the Drag & Drop action.

After you have decided for a PDF or image, eyeson offers you a preview option. This looks like this: 

In the lower right corner of the screen you find a toolbar:

With the pencil you have the option to mark and write things on the image/pdf in different colours. 

With the trashcan you can delete the written information on your screen or image. To rotate the image or PDF use the rotation icon. 

If you click the little arrow on the right hand side of the toolbar, you close the toolbar and the video meeting window expands. 

After you have previewed it, click on Present for showing it your video call & webinar audience. Again, this action can be immediately stopped by simply clicking Stop.

We hope, everything is clear so far.
If not, you can also watch the video version of this tutorial.

Enjoy your eyeson video meeting! 🙂

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