As all tools vary in terms of their user descriptions, we've decided to provide you with an overview. Basically, a host or a participant can possess an eyeson license, though, they could be free users as well. They can buy the license by themselves or they get one from another person who purchased a package with more more than 1 host.

Host of the Room

A host of a room created the room. Therefore, he or she is the only person who is able to delete it for everybody. Moreover, the host can decide if live streaming, recording, layout settings and video reactions are activated or not in the room. Further, only the host of the room is allowed to change the name and the image. 

Participant of the Room

A participant of a room can be invited by another participant or by the host of a room. He or she can leave the room only by removing it.

Guest of the Video Call

A guest can be invited by the participant or by the host. However, guests can't invite other guests. They can only enter the video call when someone else is already in the meeting. Moreover, the QuickJoin link for the video call expires after 2 minutes. 

We hope everything is clear so far! 😉

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