With eyeson you can easily participate in a group video call on your cell phone. Anyway - if you are searching explicitly e.g. for free "phone dial in" features, you won't find it on eyeson. But why?

We know phone dial-in is very easy to use (if you manage to enter your PIN), but meanwhile so many people also know how to open a simple link. Therefore, we decided that we DO NOT want to support dial in anymore.

However, we DO provide you with the possibility to join a call without any installation and without any registration. Convenient, right? 😉

We believe that phone dial in has no future anymore. Even large telecom providers try to get rid of the old technology and focus more and more on web solutions.

Everything clear? Still there? Thanks, ok - then we show you some trendy possibilities how we support easy access with cell phones 😃

eyeson provides a flexible range of options to participate with cell phones:

  1. Voice only participation in networks which do not provide sufficient video bandwidth.
  2. Simple p2p audio and video calls.
  3. Full participation with voice and video in bigger group video conversations.

How to Participate with a Quickjoin Link on Your Cell Phone

During an active eyeson meeting you can send the Quick Join to your participants. Read more about this feature here.

  1. Participate directly on the phone in a mobile browser window without any software installation and without any registration.
  2. When you have insufficient bandwidth for a video call - please enter the ECO mode
  3. If you use eyeson frequently we recommend to install the eyeson mobile app. Just search for "eyeson" in your app store and install the app for free.

How to Move a Call from Desktop PC to Your Phone

With the QR Code it is easy to leave your office and still continuing your video call. Just open the QUICK JOIN dialog and scan the code, then you can close the call on your desktop PC and continue the call on your phone.

Have you ever had a group video call on your cell phone in HD quality with 9 people?
eyeson enables you to join group video calls on cell phones without any quality loss independent from the number of participants. Our patented technology allows a very efficient participation in bigger conferences which is as easy as joining a simple P2P video call.

We hope, everything is clear so far 😉

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