If you are interested in how to invite people via your desktop, please check articles about Room link and Quick Join link.

If you want to meet a friend or colleague in your room from your mobile, you have to simply send them an invitation link to your room. As you can see, Lisa is the only one in her room so far. She has to invite others for having a meeting.

Tap on Invite Member. Now you have two options.

1. Invite someone to your video meeting room by sending them a short message

To do so click on the name of the person you want to invite. Please note: to invite others by sending them a short message, we need to have access to your phone contacts. 

Now eyeson opens your short message provider. As you can see, the message includes the link to your video meeting room. Click send. 

Lena will now receive an invitation.

2. Invite someone by choosing your preferred communication tool

Just select your preferred collaboration tool. Then, eyeson will send the invitation link to the person you want to invite. As you can see here, Andrea will be invited via Gmail.

Andrea receives the following mail:

Then, she only has to tap on the link, log into her eyeson account and now she can meet up with Lisa. In addition, Lisa receives a notification that Andrea is joining her meeting group.

Now, they can meet online 😉 Enjoy eyeson!

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