Before getting started with your webinar, you have to distinguish between webinar speakers and webinar viewers.

What Are Webinar Speakers and Webinar Viewers?

Webinar Speakers
Webinar speakers are those, who are the so-called hosts. This means, that they have always access to the webinar room and can change settings before, during and after the webinar is happening.

Normally, one or more of the hosts have the right to speak during the webinar - which means that also multi-speaker webinars are possible with eyeson. All webinars are saved as well in their history. They have the same rights as a host of a video meeting room has.

Webinar Viewers
Webinar viewers are those, who are just watching the webinar. This means, that they only get an invitation for watching the webinar. For them, this is a single event. The only option for contributing to the webinar is to write comments and ask questions in the chat, which is explained in this article.

How Do I Add Webinar Speakers and Webinar Viewers to My Webinar?

As you can see, eyeson provides you with webinar links which have to be sent prior to the webinar.

Please note: Just make sure to send the right link since the link for the speaker is different compared to the link for the viewer.

Webinar Speakers 

In order to invite a speaker, send him or her a "Moderator Link". If the webinar speaker does have an account, the new webinar room is visible in his or her account after an invitation has been accepted. However, clarify beforehand which email address he or she uses for eyeson. It has to be the same one.

If the webinar speaker does not have an account, a new sign-up is necessary. Again, this has to be clarified before the invitation has been sent out, since the email address has to be identical as well. 

Webinar Viewer 

Webinar Viewer is added like the webinar speaker. Just send invitations including the "Webinar Link" which is provided. However, these webinar viewers have to sign-in for watching a webinar. This does not mean that the person gets licence for eyeson or sign in for a trial, it is important only for the identification reasons. The viewers only have to click on the link which is sent out by the hosts, go through identification and  watch the webinar. It's that easy!

Everything clear so far? If you might miss some information, just write us. We are happy to help! 😊

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