After you have successfully created your AdSense account you are well prepared for starting your first webinar. Well done!

How to Get Started? 

Sign in to your eyeson account and click on Webinars

Then, create a new webinar room by clicking on the plus icon.

Choose a name for your webinar:

Then click create. Great! You have now successfully created an eyeson webinar. 

As you can see, you have different links for inviting webinar speakers and viewers. Moreover, you can download your viewers contact details for follow-up webinars.

Furthermore, you have the option to select a webinar image and a webinar replay. But what is a webinar replay?

Well, a webinar replay is a video which is shown to your audience before your actual live webinar stream on YouTube starts. This can be any video you like. The only precondition is, that it is saved on YouTube. Therefore, you have to insert an URL.

After you've decided for a webinar image and a webinar replay (both are optional), the screen of your webinar participants, after they have entered the webinar, looks like this:

As you can see, they are already watching the webinar replay.

If you would not have uploaded a webinar replay, your webinar image would be visible instead of the video.

Everything clear so far? If not, please write us an email. We are happy to help! 😊

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