Talkdesk is one of the leading cloud-based contact center software provider. This software is used by customer support agents which pursue the goal of solving problems together with their customers. eyeson provides ideal support for this process.  Any types of problems as well as troubleshooting can be visualized via eyeson. So easy 😉 

To start a video chat with eyeson only needs a few clicks. First, please visit Talkdesk AppConnect and look for eyeson. 

Now you can install the app. Please sign in to your Talkdesk account to continue, if you haven't done it yet. 

Well done! 😊 After adding eyeson, you can find the app under the category My Apps. There you can click on eyeson and then on Join eyeson room. On the left corner go to Add a guest. As a result, a window opens where a link is provided. You can send this link to your customers via mail etc. The customers do not need an account or have to insert personal data. They only have to click on the link - then the video chat is automatically started.

We are happy to help! 😊

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