Slack is a business messenger in which you can keep your team up-to-date. It's really convenient as you can create channels for all your teams and events. Though, it misses the video communication part where eyeson steps in.

eyeson is now fully integrated into Slack which means that video meetings can be started immediately by only entering /eyeson in your channels. Moreover, all your meeting data is stored in your eyeson account. Therefore, the combination of both collaboration tools synergizes perfectly. See here how it works:

Log in to your eyeson account and go to the eyeson AppConnect.

Click here on Slack.

As a next window you'll see how the integration works:

Now, click on Connect

After you've clicked on Continue eyeson asks you to connect your Slack and eyeson account as follows:

Once, you've connected your accounts, eyeson provides you with the respective status Connected.

Now, go to your Slack account and enter /eyeson.

Click on Start Meeting to continue.

Now, everybody in this channel can join the meeting. In case their eyeson account is not connected with Slack so far, they'll start the connect dialogue immediately after clicking Join Meeting.

As a result, the channel name has the same name as your eyeson room which can then be accessed by everyone at any time ⏰ 😎 .

Check here how it works the other way round 😉 .

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