Click and Talk

Wave goodbye to time consuming downloads. With eyeson you can invite guests to your video call by simply sending a link in your browser. Starting a video call has never been so easy!

Flexible and Fast

Keep everyone on board! Stop losing key players during a video call. Regardless where your teammates are, or how bad their internet connection might be: we never compromise on quality. Our technology ensures that the bandwidth remains at 1,5 Mbit/sec at all times.

Video & Audio Quality

The number of video meeting & webinar participants does not influence your video quality. It always stays HD since it uses less bandwidth due to its patented Single Stream Technology. This feature is especially useful for mobile online meetings with more than 3 participants - perfectly optimized mobile video meetings.
Other tools end up using a lot of bandwidth, become very CPU intensive and compromise on video and audio quality. eyeson is different. 

Live Streaming

With eyeson you can stream your video meetings & webinars easily on YouTube and Facebook. Even live video layouts and multi-speaker presentations are possible within one single video stream. A host can be defined as well.

Fully Integrated

eyeson is fully integrated into Slack, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Trello, Jira, Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook and Talkdesk.

API Integration

You can integrate eyeson into your own apps with our API. Display your operational data in real time directly inside the video stream. The eyeson cloud MCU service merges different sources into one single audio and video stream.

You can try it for free for 14 days here.  We warn you though, once you see how easy, fast and convenient eyeson is, you may never want to go back to anything else 😊

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