You can easily record your group video calls by clicking on the icon, which is located on the bottom left hand corner. Select Recording. However, if you want to start recording, all your video call participants are asked automatically. If they agree, you can successfully record your meeting 😉 

If you have recorded your video conversation, you can view and download it eternally as a premium user and for 48h as a free user.

Following, a colored REC icon will be positioned on the left hand-side. This means, that the recording is running.

However, if you want to stop your recording session, klick on the said button and another button which says STOP will appear.

Note: all video call participants can download it, not only the hosts of the room. Therefore, all participants have the right to access and download it.

So Who Has Access to These Recordings?

After you have exited the video conference navigate to history for viewing all your recorded video conversations. Your recorded group video call or webinar is immediately available after you have finished. Click on History.

You'll have an overview of your call history on the left hand-side. In the main area there's the headline Recordings. In this section, you can see all the recordings (in this case 2) that had been performened during this specific group call.

If you want to download the recording, click on Recording 1 . The recorded video appears. Then click on the download button which is located on the bottom right-hand corner of your video window. Task completed!

If you need more information, please write us! We are happy to help 🙂

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