With eyeson you are able to stream your video meetings on Youtube and Facebook. Like that you video calls transfer into webinars!

How you stream your video on Facebook you can read here. This article provides you guidance on how to stream your video meeting on Youtube.

After you have opened your eyeson room, click on Start live streaming. Then, you can decide between Youtube and Facebook. This time, decide for Youtube and click on Start.

Now, you have to choose your Google account and click on Allow. However, choose the Google Account which you are also using for Youtube. Make sure that you have approved live streaming in your Youtube account - this is really important.

As soon as the live stream is active, the stream status is displayed in the bottom left. Click the share icon to copy the YouTube link for easy sharing/distribution.

On YouTube you will see the eyeson room which shows up as a live stream. You can adjust privacy and recording settings on YouTube, please refer to the YouTube help pages for more details.

Don't know how to activate live streaming in your Youtube account?

As a first step, go to YouTube and login via your Gmail account for setting up a YouTube account (it is important to use the same email for eyeson and YouTube logins).

Now, you have to create an account within the account (we know this sounds crazy) for having the permission to live stream. Therefore, insert your first and last name. Then, click on Create Channel.

After you created a Chanel, go to your YouTube Studio settings (marked yellow) which are positioned on the upper-right corner.

As a next step click on Livestreaming (marked yellow) on the upper-right corner.

You are re-directed to a new window where you have to click on Get Started. Now you choose a country of origin and decide on how you want to get your permission code for continuation (orally or as text message). Enter the number of the phone on which you want to receive this code.

As a result, you receive a confirmation code. Insert this code. Now your account is nearly set up.

Now, when you hit "Go Live" will see the below picture. Meaning, you need to wait 24 hours until your account is activated by Youtube.

After 24 hours you can go live instantly!

Below is a short video illustrating our life stream feature.

For more information, you can access YouTube's getting started guide here. As well as their entire help center for live streaming, which can be found here.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to write us at support@eyeson.com!

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