In your room settings you can lock a room so that only room members can join a meeting.

Make sure the members join the room first before you lock the room. In order to allow additional members to your room you need to unlock the room temporarily. Generally you can not add users, the users need to sign up first and then join the room link on their own.

As a room owner you can remove room members from your room any time without notification.

Only licensed users can join rooms as room members.

Once you are a member of a room, you will also see this room in your own dashboard. Room members are allowed to start meetings and share the link of a room, even if they are not owners.

Locked rooms can not be joined by guests without a login. Locked rooms have the possibility to get guests into the meeting only temporarily using our  quick join feature. 

This is only available to room owners or members who are actively connected in a live meeting of a locked room. 

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