Organizing your eyeson rooms is really simple. You only have to consider if you are the room owner or not 😉. 

Room Owner

As you can see, Lisa is the Room Owner (Admin) of Marketing. Theresa and Lena are Group Members.

Only as room owner you can delete the room. This means that the room is not only deleted in your eyeson account, it is also deleted for all your room members. Therefore, Lisa has to click on the settings button in the upper right corner. The following window appears:

Now click on Remove Group. Now the following window appears:

Click on Delete to confirm. 

Room Member

If you are a room member, you can simple remove the room from your account. In this case, you leave the room, though, it is still active and usable for the other members & the owner. Just tap on Settings and then on Remove.

So far, everything clear? 😉

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