Connect eyeson from Trello

How to Start Video Meetings Directly in Your Boards

Trello is a collaboration tool in which you can organize your projects. All tasks can be visualized on Trello boards where the workflow can be shown as well. It tells what's being worked on, who is working on what and what's next. Moreover, it is highly customizable. 

eyeson is now fully integrated into Trello. This means that video meetings can be started right away from your Trello boards with the whole project team. Read here how it works.

Log in to your Trello account and go to your board where you want to add eyeson as Power-up. You can find it directly here.

After Installation go back to your board, and then you see the button Video Meeting in the top right-hand corner on which you have to click. Then, please click on Join Video Meeting

You need to log in to eyeson and connect your eyeson account with your Trello account.

Note: You’re only fully connected once you’ve started a meeting in Trello. Just by adding the Power-Up you don't have an eyeson room with your Trello board members.

After everybody has at least once joined an eyeson video meeting in the Trello broad, he/she is automatically part of the eyeson room (which has the same name as the Trello board). All meeting information like recordings, broadcasts, members of the meeting, etc. is stored in the room.

When everything is done correctly you can have video meetings directly in your Trello board.

Trello board

Check here how it works the other way round!


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